Marketing Your Home


We offer cutting-edge technology to provide 24/7 exposure to a global pool of potential buyers. While online marketing and social media are certainly important 21st century components of our marketing effort, we still embrace tried and true methods including print marketing, direct mail and continual networking with our peers.

Highlights include:

Collateral Development

√  Our professional photographer will shoot your property extensively
√  We will craft the marketing verbiage for your property
√  Our in-house marketing department will create and print the property brochure

Online Advertising

√  We will create a personal website with a video of your property and it will be listed on multiple websites
√  Our network of proprietary websites are designed to generate buyer leads which turn into showings for our listings
√  We will reach out to our fans on Facebook and the people who follow us on Twitter to make them aware of your property
√  E-Mail Marketing with “e-blasts” to our proprietary database of local Realtors

Print Advertising

√  A direct mail piece will be sent to the surrounding homes to let your neighbors know that your house is available

Realtor Marketing

√  We will post your property to the Multiple Listing Service database
√  We will execute the e-mail marketing plan listed above
√  We will continually network with our peers to ensure the real estate community is familiar with your property

General Marketing

√  A sign will be placed on your property if allowed by HOA
√  If appropriate, open houses will be held

We use tried and true marketing tactics to ensure your home is properly presented to the marketplace from the first day of the listing. We firmly agree with the old adage that you only get one opportunity to make a first impression, so we ensure that we have high-quality marketing materials before launching a new listing.

In addition to the activities outlined above, we network tirelessly with our peers to ensure the real estate community is aware your home is on the market. We are continually experimenting with new media and new methods to provide exposure to our listings to our peers in the industry and to potential buyers.

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