Tips To Make Your Home Saleable

Make A Good First Impression – Tips To Make Your Home Saleable

Before you put your home on the market, take an impartial look at your property, inside and out. You may have only one chance to excite potential buyers’ interest when they view your home, so don’t let easily correctable flaws stand in the way.  Consider these tips to make your home saleable:

Tip #1- Give yourself at least a day to depersonalize your home. Take down family photos, pack up trophies and clean the kids’ art from the fridge. And don’t forget religious items, political affiliations or X-rated material.

Tip #2 – While most sellers know a clean place is more likely to get an offer, an exceptionally clean house can make a great impression on potential buyers. Set aside a weekend to go above and beyond a simple cleaning: Power wash the windows, mop the garage floor and scrub inside drawers and cabinets.

Tip #3 – The NATIONAL ASSOCIATION OF REALTORS® suggests that sellers spend as little as possible on pre-sale repairs and improvements. While new tile might really spark up your kitchen, potential buyers probably won’t increase their purchase offers enough to compensate your expenses. Instead, focus on the small, relatively inexpensive touch-ups that will give your house a polished, well-maintained appearance. A fresh coat of neutral paint in your bedrooms and new cabinet knobs in the kitchen and bathrooms are small changes that buyers will appreciate. Thoroughly clean the insides of appliances and wash and deodorize carpets. In addition, clean out closets and cabinets; this gives your home a more spacious appearance. Check and repair cracks, leaks and other damage to walls, floors, paint and attic.

Tip #4 -You also need to ensure that your home’s exterior curb appeal is attractive to buyers. Maintain the upkeep of your lawn, including mowing, watering and weeding. Fertilize and seed your existing vegetation/foliage, but don’t plant new shrubs or trees. Examine doors, windows and the overall exterior.  Peeling paint needs scraping and repainting.  Repair loose or damaged roof shingles, siding and caulking.

Following these tips to make your home saleable should excite buyers!  Contact me today and I can assist you selling your home.  Philip Tirino REALTOR®, 561.685.3675,

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